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Hobart 1

Our first stop is at Boks Bacon home of the Art of Sausage and many other delicious products. Boks is owned by Marcus Boks ; when demand for his products out stripped his ability to produce enough at his Cygnet Butcher shop he moved the production to Glenorchy.

As well as a complete tour of all their processes Marcus will take us through the production of their delicious sausages and hams. Products can be purchased and we can keep them on ice during the tour.

We then travel all of 30 seconds down the road to Mures Fishing where you will learn all about their sustainable fishing practices, as well as see how they value add to products, smoke fish and be amazed at the incredible filleting skills displayed by the staff!

Again products can be purchased and we can keep them on ice during the tour.

Our lunch stop is at Elizabeth Street Food + Wine Cafe situated in the food hub of North Hobart. Karen, the chef, has an ever changing menu depending on the season and local products available. Karen is a signatory to the GMO Free Charter so her food is always fresh and funky. Added to which there is a large choice of vegetarian and gluten free so all tastes are catered for. We then move to Lark Distillery just down the road, to learn all about the Whiskey distilling process. Bill uses Peat in the process but it is a very closely guarded secret as to just where he collects it from!

The last stop of the day is Tas Live Abalone where you will learn all about the harvesting of wild Abalone. There are very strict guide lines in the process, marketing and storage of this product and the market Tas Live has is testament to their commitment to excellence. Not too many Aussies have tasted Abalone but that will be rectified on this tour as you will actually get to taste it!